It was a big success. Thank you!


Huge thanks to the 80+ people who donated through Give OUT Day May 9! We raised over $3,000  in donations + a $3,000 bonus from Horizons Foundation for having the second highest number of individual donors for “small” Bay Area lgbt non-profits (annual budgets under $500k, and our budget is WAY under that!). We’re thrilled!  […]

Pollo Del Mar: Drag Entrepeneur


Pride is just around the corner so let’s have some fun! Marilyn takes a look at “Gay Days” in amusement parks. Disneyworld was first in ’91 and the right wing boycotted them for 8 years. Do we still need them? Her guest is drag star Pollo Del Mar, who’s producing “Pride Night” at Great America […]

Giving “out” – Are we doing enough?


Less than 5 percent of LGBT people give directly to LGBT causes. Why is that? In the midst of another tech boom, why do Bay Area non-profits, gay and straight, still struggle? How might they tap into the “new young money”?  How much can social media help?  Give OUT Day, a new national experiment in […]

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