“The End of San Francisco” — Mattilda


Mattilda Bernstein Sycamore, the provocative, agitated, angry, queer anti-assimilationist writer, is back! With her latest … manifesto? Or memoir? (even though she’s just 40!) In The End of San Francisco, Mattilda deals with family, incest, gay sex work, the digital ruination of our City by the Bay, political correctness and its stifling effect on activism […]

The Boy Who Was Not A Lesbian


What makes us male or female? Or somewhere in between? Or not even on that narrow line? The Boy Who Was Not a Lesbian & Other True Stories is an unusual and beautiful book put together by Norwegian photojournalist Kristin Lyseggen in which 11 people from seven countries who define themselves as “born in the […]

Sugar in Our Blood: Black & Queer Identity


Join us for a tour of Sugar in Our Blood: The Spirit of Black & Queer Identity, on display at the African American Art & Culture Complex in San Francisco through Sept. 12.  It’s a set of about a dozen mixed-media, mostly fabric pieces, riffing on folk-craft rag rugs, crocheted by groups of volunteers using […]

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