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Sure, cash is king, but there are other ways you can help keep LGBT voices on the air. We’d love to have you “on our team”! Here are some ways you can help (for more info, email: eric at outinthebay.com):

1) Spread the word. Tell your friends, neighbors, colleagues, exes … anyone you think might like hearing about queer history and contemporary culture.  Send ‘em a link to this site (www.OutintheBay.org) or our Out in the Bay page on Facebook (www.facebook.com/outinthebay).  Please  “like” us on Facebook and follow us too!

2) Help us, as a volunteer, intern or pro bono services donor (we can thank you on the air to build your business!):

  • Research show topics and guests
  • Keep our website content current
  • Develop our social media presence
  • Maintain our computers as on-call occasional tech support (or donate one faster than our antiques).

3) Connect us with your networks of:

  • Potential donors or underwriters (who get their businesses thanked on our program, heard by thousands weekly!)
  • Foundation grantmakers
  • Fundraising party planners
  • Journalists who might feature Out in the Bay

4) Open your home to us for a fundraising party and meet fascinating Out in the Bay guests and listeners.

5) Donate audio studio time

6) Affordable housing?!? (Gotta put it out there. My rent-controlled situation may be coming to an end, and independent radio producers don’t make nearly enough in this town to pay market rates … )

7) Hire us to help you with voice-overs, copy-writing, media relations, media planning, interviewing skills, and audio-video production.

8)  Other:  This list may change over time, so check back. And let us know any way YOU might be able to help us!

If you have an interest in any of the above, or know someone who might, please email Eric@OutintheBay.com

Thank You!

Keep queer voices on air!

Donate to Out in the Bay San Francisco Gay Radio

Support LGBT radio (and get a tax break!)

Donate to Out In The Bay

Out in the Bay is a lean operation. Your tax-deductible donation will truly make a difference in Out in the Bay continuing to be here, sharing LGBTQ stories with the world every week.

When considering your contribution level, please bear in mind that Out in the Bay is an independent production, receiving no financial assistance from host station KALW, from National Public Radio, nor from any other broadcasting institution or government agency. We depend on and appreciate community support.

We’ll use funds received to further diversify our programming, increase stipends for our almost-entirely volunteer radio and web contributors, and expand our reach so that more people who need to hear LGBTQ voices will be able to do so.

Thank You! If you’d like to be thanked on the air, let us know and we’ll gladly do so.

Make a Tax-Deductible Donation Here:


(If you’d like to donate a different amount, please contact Tracy Rosenberg at Media Alliance:
510-832-9000 or tracy@media-alliance.org)

Out in the Bay has 501(c)(3) non-profit status through Media Alliance. When you donate via this web page, your donation is designated for Out in the Bay and you’ll get a receipt for tax purposes from Media Alliance.

Double Your Money!

Many companies match employee charitable contributions. Please check with your Human Resources department or with us (Eric@OutintheBay.com) to find out how. We’d love it if your $20 became $40 — or your $250 became $500 — for Out in the Bay! Wouldn’t you love having your boss help pay for queer radio?! You betcha!

Non-cash donations – time, services, “stuff”

For non-cash ways to help, please see our We Need Help! page.

Playing Favorites

Out in the Bay - Playing Favorites, Best Of Shows

Hear some of the shows we’re most proud of and that continue to inspire us after nearly 10 years of producing Out in the Bay.  Enjoy!

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