Liberace was one of the most successful, popular (and gayest) entertainers of the 20th century. Although he wasn’t “out” — the concept barely existed in his lifetime — he is remembered as a queer icon. 

Liberace broke attendance records at places like Radio City Music Hall and Madison Square Garden from the 1950s through the mid-1980s with an act that could only be described as flamboyant and fun.

After decades in the spotlight Liberace died of complications from AIDS in 1987. Remembered for his mastery of the piano as much as his sense of style, Eric Jansen takes us into Liberace’s closet as we remember the late performer.

Plus — the true story of a couple that met on Grindr. After a few weeks of dating, a devastating apartment fire forced Mike and Goran to move in together. How is it going?

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