Frameline 44, San Francisco’s international LGBTQ film festival, opens with a live, in-person drive-in event Thursday Sept. 17. It’s the world premiere of Shit & Champagne, written by and starring Oasis night club owner D’Arcy Drollinger. It’s a madcap send-up of 1970s “sexploitation” films full of laughs.

Shit & Champagne is the only in-person event this year — the rest of 11 days of queer film from 23 countries around the globe will be online only.

Hear clips from four festival films on this week’s Out in the Bay, and from Frameline Executive Director James Woolley, who lays it all out for us and talks about the challenges filmmakers and film festivals face during COVID.

LINKS to Frameline 44 and the films featured on this Out in the Bay edition:

Frameline 44 festival info

Shit & Champagne (Thursday Sept. 17 drive-in)

Gossamer Folds


Through the Glass Darkly

Rūrangi (James Woolley personal fave)

Moroni for President

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