Please help us keep bringing LGBTQ news, voices and stories to the world by making a tax-deductible* donation to Out in the Bay. We’ve been promised $1,500 from a generous donor if we get that much from other donors by January 10. That would mean a lot to our lean operation, so please show us some love and chip in whatever you can now!

FYI, Out in the Bay – Queer Radio & Podcast is a non-profit, independent production. We receive no funds from podcast platforms, NPR, nor from radio stations that air Out in the Bay weekly. We rely on listener support.

Clicking links in paragraphs above or any donate tab on our website should take you to a Media Alliance donation page with the notation: “Purpose: Support Out in the Bay.” Your gift will be earmarked for Out in the Bay, which is under Media Alliance’s 501c3 non-profit umbrella.

*Federal COVID relief legislation allows charity deductions up to $300 per person on top of the standard tax deduction — no need to itemize — for 2020 and 2021 taxes (check with your advisor, blah blah blah). So if you give by January 1, the federal government will subsidize Out in the Bay queer radio! You’ll save on your taxes and help broadcast and podcast LGBTQ voices worldwide! We’d greatly appreciate your donation of any amount at any time.

Other ways to help: Spread the word by telling others about Out in the Bay any way you can, and send us your comments at .

Thank You and Best Wishes for 2022! – Kendra, Chris and Eric

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