While a young housewife with kids in the 1950s and ’60s, Ann Bannon wrote paperback lesbian love stories. Scorned by the literary elite then, her and other authors’ pulp fiction helped build the gay rights movement, and reading them now gives us an historical glimpse into gay and lesbian life in those times. Monica Nolan just finished the fourth book in her Lesbian Career-Girl series, spoofs of 1960s high school girls’ career primers that humorously pay homage to lesbian pulp fiction like Ann’s from last century. They both join host Eric Jansen live tonight. We’ll also hear from comedy writer and actor Bruce Vilanch, now starring in 42nd Street Moon‘s production of the 1939 musical Du Barry Was A Lady, in this special hour-long edition of Out in the Bay. (Broadcast live Thursday, May 8, 2014.)

For more on Ann Bannon and her books: AnnBannon.com. For more on Monica Nolan and her books, and to read her informative blog “Pep & Pulp”: MonicaNolan.com.

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