Recovering from our 10-year celebration and show taping last night, tonight at 7 we re-air a favorite we couldn’t include any clips from last night. It’s a music-rich documentary on the late “Mr. Showmanship”‘s life and legacy, produced by Out in the Bay‘s Eric Jansen and told with love by Liberace Museum curators and a Liberace tribute artist, and featuring Liberace’s own voice and music.

Liberace and his family vigorously denied that he was gay, even when he died of AIDS complications in 1987. Yet he was a consummate performer almost until the very end. Sit back (preferably in marble tub with champagne in hand!), close your eyes and enjoy a trip back in time with the most spectacular, outlandish, and ground-breaking closeted entertainer of the 20th century. (Interviews conducted and first broadcast in 2009; updated May 2013.) We’ll be back to fresh shows next week.

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