How did Provincetown, MA, get to be “gay, gay, GAY,” as the Provincetown Business Guild puts it? Let the locals tell you – the lounge pianist who’s been there 50 years, The Fabulous Dyketones founder, the activist-artist who made a dress out of tampon applicators, and the town clerk who married 200+ couples in one day. They and others talk of Portuguese sailors, fine art, sand-filled cars, mass same-sex weddings, the dunes, the “dick dock,” San Francisco connections and more on this documentary-style romp with Out in the Bay host Eric Jansen through what is likely the gayest little city in the world – at least per capita! Edited by Nora Elmeligy. (Last aired April 16, 2015)

PTown people, places and links:  For more PTown info, check out the Provincetown Business Guild (LGBT tourism promoters) or the Provincetown Chamber of Commerce.

I enjoyed my stays at the Prince Albert Guest House — one of Ptown’s many small, charming historic inns — and at The Crown & Anchor, a lodging, dining and entertainment complex with six gay bars including Ptown’s largest nightclub and the piano lounge where Bobby Wetherbee holds court. Big thanks to hoteliers Bob Sanborn of Prince Albert Guest House and Rick Murray of The Crown & Anchor for your hospitality!

Also enjoyed waterfront cocktails at Cass Benson‘s Harbor Lounge (love her slogan: “Drink in the View”), a cozy place with its own pier that’s not a huge “scene.” It’s very close to Bakker Antiques, where you’ll often find art historian Jim Bakker and will surely see many fine pieces of art and antiques. Be sure to stop in and say hello to handsome and helpful Char Priolo at the Chamber of Commerce’s info office at the foot of the pier, and encourage her to get The Fabulous Dyketones together for a reunion tour!  (You can hear The Fabulous Dyketones and other queer music-makers, past and present, online at Queer Music Heritage) If you’re a swimmer, paddler, or supporter of either, consider Jay Critchley‘s annual HIV services and women’s health fundraiser, the Swim for Life & Paddler Flotilla, held every September since 1988. Finally, if you’ve an urge to merge in Ptown, plenty of info on marrying there is on the Provincetown Town Hall’s website. Doug Johnstone has been Town Clerk since 2003.

(This documentary first aired Sept. 19, 2013 and was first rebroadcast Feb. 20, 2014.)

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