This week, we are tackling two oft-misunderstood subjects on Out In The Bay. Open relationships, and professional wrestling. Host Christopher Beale, has experience with both.

Non-Monogamy: “A whole new level of relationship.”

Julian and his boyfriend Lawrence.

“It’s just unlocked this whole new level of relationship. That’s just easy. Our relationship is not an emotional roller coaster. There’s no ups and downs. It’s just constantly good.” – Julian

How does someone end up in an open relationship? What does that even mean? Meet Julian, a gay man who shares his journey from the closet, to the happy, healthy non-monogamous relationship he finds himself in today.

Trans Wrestler Finds Purpose in the Wrestling Ring

Bambina in action. (Photo: Walter D. Huckaby)

“My father wanted me to be a baseball player, and I wanted to be a lady wrestler. The fates have aligned such that I was able to meet in the middle of our two dreams.” – J. Rae.

What’s it like behind the scenes in professional wrestling if you’re trans? Bambina is one of a number of trans athletes making waves in the independent wrestling scene in the Bay Area and beyond, she shares her heartbreaking, funny and ultimately triumphant story.

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The Executive Producer of Out In The Bay is Eric Jansen. This episode was produced, hosted and edited by Christopher Beale. Lisa Morehouse edited the piece on Bambina for KALW’s Crosscurrents.

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