Happy New Year!? We all hope 2021 will be kinder to us than 2020 … but only time will tell. So this week: 2020 in the queer-view mirror and a look ahead into 2021 with national politics and legal expert correspondent Lisa Keen.

2020 brought hardships on many fronts — COVID sickness, death and economic upheaval; continued police killings and other violence against people of color, especially Black people; continued climate crisis evidenced by wildfires and other natural disasters, to name a few.  

Yet for LGBTQ people in the USA, 2020 brought significant progress on some fronts, while bringing setbacks on others. Lisa Keen breaks down the top 2020 developments and assesses potential gains and losses for queer folk in 2021.

Our expert guest Lisa Keen joined Out in the Bay last November to share her expertise on our national elections and the US Supreme Court. She’s been covering politics and federal courts for four decades for LGBTQ news publications nationwide, including the Bay Area Reporter online and print newspaper based in San Francisco. Here is her January 1 article, 2020: A harsh year with incredible LGBTQ milestones; read more of her reporting on the Keen News Service website.

photo by Gage Skidmore: Then-presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg at a town hall in Des Moines, Iowa, January 12, 2020.

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