In the Bay and across the country, we’re nearly 10 months into COVID restrictions. Some of us are skin-starved, many of us even love-starved. No hugs, no spooning, no sex. No Friends. No family. It’s a lot to deal with.

But many of us felt lonesome even before the pandemic pushed us further into isolation. Getting what we truly need is always a challenge, so how are we coping now? To find out, Out in the Bay producer Truc Nguyen got intimate with Bay Area residents.

Truc spoke with people dating non-monogamously, using dating apps and finding creative ways to stay connected to sexuality and community, and with Kristina Loring, head story producer for the feminist erotic audio app Dipsea.

You’ll hear some steamy snippets from Dipsea stories and folks sharing their social-distance tales and offering sexy, sweet solutions to the lack of connection we all feel from time to time, pandemic or not. 

Links to Music, Resources and Activities:

Dylan Gallagher’s band Vverevvolf

Olivia Lee’s band There’s Talk

Dipsea’s free 30-day audio erotica subscription for Out in The Bay listeners. (See descriptions of some of Dipsea’s queer content here.)

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