“You make me feel Mighty Real,“ the words of the late queer icon Sylvester inspired the title of “Mighty Real: A Sketch Variety Show.” The latest production of ItsQwere is inspired by ’90s-era comedy TV like In Living Color, All That, and SNL. The cast of “Mighty Real” is led by queer women of color.

“I haven’t been in groups with a lot of Brown and Black gay people in a long time,” said Krystina Wray Jackson, one of the stars of Mighty Real, who adds “I’m very excited to be back in that environment.”

L to R: Ashley Jaye, Christopher Beale, Tisa T. Peyton, and Krystina Wray Jackson in front.

The show, written by Dom Gélin with sketches by Sampson McCormick, takes a lighthearted look at very real issues like sexism, racism, homophobia and ableism.

The personal (and hilarious) interview this week Out in the Bay.

“Honestly, I hope people take away Black and brown folks, queer folks, just being,” said co-star Ashley Jaye, “and just the joy and laughter of a sketch comedy show!”

Click the link for tickets and information on Mighty Real: A Sketch Variety Show.

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