The longer version of our talk with fascinating transgender musician Nick Lawrence — more intense and with more music than we could fit into our half-hour radio show. Don’t miss “Dong Sewn On,” the catchy song broadcast stations can’t air, at the very end — after our credits roll. You can hear a shorter, mildly censored version here.

Hear about the transgender experience from singer-songwriter Nick Lawrence, a family coach and former foster-parent educator on LGBTQ topics. His new album, I Am A Man, is about his own transition.

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In our conversation, Nick dove deep into emotional and physical details, demystifying the transition process with passion, grace and a healthy dose of humor. The discussion includes graphic surgical and other physical details.

We also hear four songs from I Am A Man on this extended Out in the Bay, including “I’m Still Your Mother,” an emotional, soulful ballad about being estranged from his daughter because of his transition, and “Before (I Became a Man),” an upbeat celebratory number that starts with:

I’m looking in the mirror and liking what I see // I really don’t remember this happening to me, // Before, before I became a man. // I started loving myself right — just the way I am

Nick calls himself a changeling: “I was a daughter and a son. I was a mother and a father, I was a brother and a sister, I’ve been a grandma and a grandpa, a heterosexual woman, a bi woman, a lesbian, a straight guy, a bi guy and a gay guy. So I think I’ve hit all the stops,” he laughs. “Each one of those has its own realm of blessing and joy … and is a wonderful aspect of what life has to offer.”

Hear much, much more from Nick Lawrence on this extended edition of Out in the Bay.

You can find Nick’s music on most streaming platforms by searching for “Nick Lawrence FTM.” He also has a children’s book – for parents too – called “I Am A Boy.” Find info on his website:

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