Should drag be banned? With all the fuss about drag story hours – people in fab frocks and magnificent makeup reading to children – we thought you’d like to hear and see some for yourselves. So you can consider if they should be outlawed, as some politicians want.

No need to sneak into a school though, we’re bringing some to you! This month Out in the Bay presents KPFA Radio’s 3-part Drag Storytime series, produced by me and two KPFA colleagues.

For episode 2, E.A. and Peter Stickney visited a kindergarten class in the Berkeley Unified School District, where Panda Dulce read to the children two stories for Asian American Pacific Islander Heritage Month. 

Kindergarten teacher and author Lourdes Rivas also spoke with us and read from their children’s book, They Call Me Mix/Me Llaman Maestre, about what it means to be a transgender or nonbinary person of color.  You can see Panda and Lourdes read on KPFA’s YouTube page.

KPFA’s Drag Storytime Series was produced by KPFA Radio reporters E.A. and Eric Jansen (aka Cinnamon Sugarshoes) and KPFA videographer Peter Stickney. Thank you KPFA for letting us post this series!

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Photo of Panda Dulce by Peter Stickney

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