On top of the health risks and financial hardships individuals face, the COVID-19 pandemic threatens to overwhelm critical Bay Area non-profits, from social service providers to cultural outlets. Horizons Foundation says by late August, it will have granted nearly $900,000 from its LGBTQ COVID-19 Response Emergency Fund to scores of organizations.

How are our non-profits and the folks they serve managing through COVID? Hear first-hand from leaders of two Horizons grantees — Barbara Hodgen of New Conservatory Theatre Center and Joe Hawkins of the Oakland LGBTQ Community Center — with Horizons President Roger Doughty. While clearly feeling the pinch, they’re also finding creative ways to address current challenges. We also hear from Comcast California Community Impact Director Lorena Hernandez on corporate help to individuals and organizations.

Guests and Resources:

Roger Doughty, President, Horizons Foundation; Barbara Hodgen, Executive Director, New Conservatory Theater Center; Joe Hawkins, Executive Director, Oakland LGBTQ Community Center; Lorena Hernandez, Community Impact Director, Comcast California.

Comcast has extended its offer of two months of free Internet Essentials service for low-income residents who qualify, and has relaxed some eligibility requirements, through Dec. 31, 2020. Internet Essentials is discounted home internet service for low-income residents who qualify. See website or call 1-855-8-INTERNET (1-855-846-8376) for qualifications.

Although Ms. Hernandez did not mention this in our recorded conversation, we want to acknowledge and thank Comcast California for its support of Out in the Bay’s relaunch. Without that support, we would not be here today bringing you queer voices and stories. It’s a meaningful contribution to California LGBTQ culture and connection, one we especially appreciate in this stressful time of social distancing.

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