Out in the Bay seeks producers, social media and other help

September 24, 2022

Wanna help produce queer radio? Join us! We are looking for creative folks to help produce, promote and distribute our weekly podcast and radio program. Out in the Bay’s mission is to share LGBTQ voices and stories with the world, opening hearts and minds.

Depending on your skill level and our funding, some roles could be paid — others would be volunteer or internship basis. Part-time currently; mostly occasional as your time allows.

SPECIAL SKILLS NEEDED NOW: Current special needs are in podcast strategy, audience analytics and fundraising. If you have skills any of these areas, please email Executive Producer Eric Jansen directly at .

OTHER BROAD AREAS in which we’d love some help follow below. Have a relevant skill we don’t list? Let us know what talents you could contribute! Please write to .


  • Maintain and grow podcast presence on various platforms, smart speakers, etc.
  • Pitch Out in the Bay to radio stations outside of current core broadcast area
  • Update and maintain PRX (public radio exchange) website presence


  • Social media – Build and maintain presence:           
    • Create posting schedule and create posts
  • E-mail marketing:
    • Create bi-weekly emails with links to shows, accompanying graphics, a ‘donate’ button or other calls to action. We would love someone experienced at this! Much of copy could or will be generated by managing producer.
  • Other publications: Write copy for other news media (short articles and calendar listings, e.g.) and email newsletter

TECH SUPPORT: Audio and general computer software


  • Research options and pursue
    • GoFundMe, Patreon, …
    • Foundations, government, other grants
    • Other ideas, please!

WEB CONTENT: Create web posts:

  • Write weekly web copy (often using host intro as starting point)
  • Secure copyright-free photos; crop and resize for use on Out in the Bay’s and KALW’s site, and for Bay Area Reporter
  • Post copy, photo and audio to websites

PRODUCTION: Hosting, producing, sound design, editing, etc.:

  • Generate ideas for topics and guests. Requires knowledge of LGBTQ community or specific segments within.
  • Produce and/or help produce reported packages or full half-hour show:
    • Find and schedule guests for recording sessions
    • Write host intro and questions
    • Conduct interviews remotely (esp. now) and/or in field (when safe to do so)
      • Could include hosting full show
    • Edit your own or other producers’/ hosts’ interviews
    • Mix music or sound with interviews
  • Write copy for audio promos; sometimes produce and edit audio promos


  • Organize and maintain archives
  • Maintain financial records ( i.e. Bookkeeping)

To learn more, please contact:

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