Shayle Matsuda is a graduate student studying sea slugs at the California Academy of Sciences. Out of the lab, he creates research experiences for high school students and hosts an interactive happy hour series at San Francisco’s El Rio bar called “Science, Neat.” He draws by hand, water-colors, and uses digital media to make science more accessible. (His hand-drawn “Science, Neat” whale skeleton illustration is above.)  Matsuda is transgender, and at a Bay Area Science Festival event Oct. 28, he will talk about the challenges and rewards of being in transition while in the close quarters of a scientific expedition. He shares these and other highlights of his personal journey and his passion for science on this week’s Out in the Bay with host Eric Jansen.  7pm Thursday, Oct. 23, 91.7 FM +

Shayle Matsuda hosts “Science, Neat” at El Rio, 3158 Mission St. near Cesar Chavez, SF, 6:30 – 8:30 pm Wednesday Oct. 29, and speaks at the Bay Area Science Festival’s “Story Collider & Inquiri

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