What does it take to bounce beyond trauma? David Feldman, co-author of Supersurvivors: The Surprising Link Between Suffering and Success, talks with host Eric Jansen about post-traumatic growth. It’s a topic Feldman finds particularly relevant to LGBT people, as “so many of us have faced significant loss, trauma, and other adversity during our lives, yet often find ways to thrive and build community.”  We’ll also hear powerful music from young lesbian pop sensation Mary Lambert, a singer-songwriter whose lyrics often deal with trauma. Hers include being raised in a strict Pentecostal household, being molested repeatedly by her father, abusing drugs before being diagnosed with bipolar disorder, and surviving a gang rape at 17. Hour-long broadcast starts 7pm Thursday, Sept. 11 on kalw.org + 91.7fm SF Bay Area.

Lambert performs in San Francisco’s Nourse Auditorium Saturday, Sept. 27.

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