2020. What a stressful, frightening year. As this week’s guest, Dr. John Kruse, put it, a “sad and scary” year. Indeed! There is plenty to be stressed about:

COVID pandemic, layoffs, police killing black people, protests, massive wildfires, hurricanes, a fraught national election, more protests, president voted out of office won’t concede as COVID spikes anew!

How are we dealing with it? Dr. Kruse offers stress-reduction tips and helps demystify some of our soon-to-be-former president’s erratic behavior. Which has been plenty stressful! (Kruse’s talk is non-partisan; he notes that Joe Biden shows milder signs of ADHD.)

John Kruse, M.D. and neuroscience Ph.D., wrote Recognizing Adult ADHD: What Donald Trump Can Teach Us About Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. A psychiatrist for three decades, Kruse has helped many patients through crises. He has also taught psychopharmacology to therapy interns and has spoken at psychiatry conferences about gay marriage, gay families and the biology of emotions. He specializes in ADHD. Find book excerpts and other articles on his blog.

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