Chic-fil-A is closing in on San Francisco. The fast-food chain boycotted by many LGBTQ folks for the CEO’s and the company’s past donations to anti-queer charities and political organizations opens a new outlet this week just outside San Francisco’s city limits.

There’s also a heated race for the California State Assembly seat now open after David Chiu left it to become San Francisco’s city attorney Nov. 1. It’s a seat that, before Chiu, had been held for many years by a succession of LGBTQ politicians.

Bay Area Reporter political columnist and assistant editor Matthew S. Bajko reminds us that although there are now several LGBTQ representatives in the Assembly, none are from San Francisco. That could change, as gay former San Francisco Supervisor David Campos and straight queer-supportive current SF Supervisor Matt Haney are considered the top two contenders for the vacant seat.

In this week’s Out in the Bay conversation, Bajko fill us in on the Assembly race, the Chic-fil-A controversy and several new laws taking effect January 1 that will especially affect LGBTQ Californians.

Matthew S. Bajko has been covering politics and other news for the Bay Area Reporter – the region’s largest LGBTQ-focused newspaper and online news service — for 20 years. You can follow Matthew on Twitter at and read his articles on Chic-fil-A’s expansion and on the California Assembly race.

Photo by Terry Johnson: These Sonoma County chickens are not headed for any fast-food chains, homophobic or otherwise.

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This week’s Out in the Bay was produced by Eric Jansen and edited by Christopher Beale.

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